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Radio Browser is the podcast of, the world's most admired daily newsletter. Every day, the Browser recommends five outstanding pieces of writing to surprise and delight.

Weekly conversations host by Baiqu Gonkar.

Jan 15, 2020

First in a new series, Find Good Things, where we interview a certain type of person that there isn't an accepted name for yet: someone with excellent taste who finds good things in a particular area of life (art, wine, podcasts, potato peelers....) and recommends them to a broad audience. Today, Browser Publisher Uri Bram interviews Browser Editor Robert Cottrell about how he reads and recommends writing of lasting value.

Good Things mentioned in this episode:

Our newsletter: The Browser

Dance critic: Alastair Macaulay

Tyler Cowen's "Underrated or Overrated?" round

Underrated City: Poznań (and Riga, and Tallinn)

Underrated Book: The Just City, by Jo Walton

Audiobook: A History of Western Philosophy, by Bertrand Russell

Underrated Musician: violinist Gidon Kremer

Small Item: Valmiermuižas Tumšais Alus